Posting your EV

Pre Owned Tesla


Step 1. Clean your Car

  • Before taking any pictures of your ev, make sure you take all of your personal belongings out. 
  • Thoroughly wash and sanitize your interior/exterior of your car to the best of your abilities. 

Step 2. Take Great Photos

  • A well photographed car will provide transparency and confidence with the buyer as well as set your car apart from others. 
  • Feel free to take pictures with any iphone/android as most of them take 1080p-4k pictures. 
  • Take at least 3-4 pictures of different angles of the exterior and another 2-3 of the interior.


Used EV for sale


Step 3. Research and Set the Price

  • Kelly blue book (not affiliated) is our recommended choice for checking the average price based on year, model, condition, etc. Make an educated guess based on the price they provide you. If you need any help with your pricing strategy, please feel free to reach out to us at

Step 4. Create the Post

  • All posts on EVmarketplace will be uniform for the most part, but it's important to provide non-obvious details such as "85 kilowatt battery" or "Has full self driving"


Example of car for sale


Step 5. Screen Buyers  

  • With EVmarketplace, you have the option to provide email, phone number, facebook or instagram as modes of being contacted. Serious buyers will ask the right questions and will want to set up a time to meet or face time to show the car in detail.  
  • Report any scams or fraudulent users. 

Step 6. Complete the transaction 

  • After agreeing on a mutually beneficial price, hand over the keys once the money is transferred. Try not to accept cash as it is often safer to transact via paypal, venmo, zelle, etc.
  • Refer to our other blog "Buying an EV" for more info on buying/selling with safety in mind. 


*EVmarketplace serves as a platform for owners to post their car to be seen by potential buyers. EVmarketplace does not intermediate the transaction.*